Atrial Fibrillation for Athletes

The purpose of this website is to provide critical information which other athletes (and their coaches) can use to help understand this cardiac condition so that we can all learn and educate ourselves to help those who will develop this cardiac condition: to identify whether they may have AF, slow the progression of AF, learn what their personal triggers are, learn more about drugs that are available (and their side effects in athletes), and possible surgical treatment options.  The stories of the athletes on this website are designed to help you decide what approach might work best for you.  For those of us who have chosen surgery, the various surgical techniques available (and weblinks) and what our outcome has been up-to-date will be posted.

If you have specific questions of myself or of the athletes who have provided their stories here, click the e-mail  links to e-mail them individually.  And of course if you have suggestions or questions or you know of athletes who might need our collective wisdom send me an email and I’ll post it here.  Glen Winkel, Ph.D


Welcome to Atrial Fibrillation (AF) for Athletes